SousVide Cooking – The Secret of Top Chefs

What is Sous Vide?

The term sous vide (pronounced soo–veed) is a French term, meaning under vacuum.

Sous vide is a culinary technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature. The precise temperature control allows you to cook food to perfection, while the forgiving nature of this cooking method also eliminates concerns about overcooking.

Sous vide cooking is extremely simple and foolproof, and produces extraordinary results.

The SousVide Supreme water oven has made it easy for any home cook to use this cooking technique to produce everyday meals that are easy, nutritious and unbelievably delicious.

SousVide Supreme as seen on national television and in the press.

An introduction to sous vide cooking.

Make Nutritious and Mouthwatering Delicious Meals at The Push of Button

What’s exciting about the sous vide method is that it is a unique way of cooking that yields different and better results. Foods cooked sous vide develop flavors and textures that simply cannot be duplicated using any other traditional cooking method.

Cooking sous vide offers many benefits:

Cooking sous vide offers many benefits

Incredible Taste

Natural flavor and juices are infused into the food while in the cooking pouch resulting in incomparable flavors and texture.

Convenience and Foolproof Results

Anyone can now cook food to perfection, and the minimal hands-on cooking saves time. Like your own personal chef, the SousVide Supreme cooks during the workday or overnight.

Maximum Nutrition

Beneficial nutrients found in food are retained in the pouches, compared to traditional cooking methods where nutrients either evaporate or are left in the pan.

The Simple Steps of Sous Vide Cooking

SousVide Supreme makes it easy to prepare gourmet meals in under 30 minutes hands-on time, all with incredible flavors and nutritional benefits. Sous vide cooking requires no skill—the water oven does most of the work itself with only a few steps that even a beginner can master:

Steps of Sous Vide Cooking Season

Season food with your favorite herbs and spices.

Steps of Sous Vide Cooking Seal

Vacuum seal foods in a food-grade cooking pouch.

Steps of Sous Vide Cooking Simmer

Drop the sealed pouch into the water oven. Temperature is precisely controlled so food will not overcook.

Steps of Sous Vide Cooking Serve

Plate directly from the pouch or for a golden brown crisp exterior, sear briefly.